Approaches to Therapy

Journey Within is dedicated to working with clients in a holistic way.  Holistic means the whole of a person, thus working at the physical/body, mental/cognitive, emotional and spiritual aspects More Info on a Holistic ApproachHere “energy approaches” are used in healing.  Energy approaches go far beyond the simple cognitive  psychotherapy methods (CBT, narrative, insight therapy) and work toward deep inner change taking place within the unconscious mind.  

A specialty at Journey Within is hypnotherapy which can be of the Ericksonian style More Info on Ericksonian which can be highly effective in solving such problems as anxiety, fears, weight loss,  smoking or other bad habit cessation, increase in self-confidence, self-esteem ( actually a full gamut of problems) or of the more intensive Heart Centered style which works to help a person change deeply rooted negative core beliefs by working through past age (and sometimes past life-time) regressions.  This is a powerful method of changing one’s deepest beliefs about one’s self which are keeping one “stuck in negative patterns,” unhappy and unfulfilled. More Info on Hypnotherapy  

These “energy therapies” also include a cutting edge approach called HMR (Holographic Memory Resolution) which is offered at Journey Within.  HMR is a body-mind technique created by Brent Baum in order to clear past traumas that have made impressions both neurologically and at the cellular level of the body.  It is important to understand that each person experiences his or her own set of life traumas. Triggers, then, constantly reawaken these “trauma trances” and stop persons from living in the present moment in a state of clear awareness and calm-centeredness. More Info on HMR  Often complimenting HMR is an approach called IFS (Internal Family Systems) where “parts,” along with their patterned ways of thinking, feeling and doing, are recognized, acknowledged, and worked with. These parts, which may have begun as survival mechanisms at an earlier developmental stage, may be now keeping a person “stuck” or causing any number of problems at this later life stage. More Info on IFS  

 Jungian dreamwork is another powerful approach to healing at the unconscious level. More Info on Jungian Dreamwork Since everything within the dream (persons, places, animate and inanimate things, directions, colors, etc.) is considered to be a “part” of the person dreaming, Dreamwork and Parts work (IFS) are often used in conjunction with each other. It is not at all unusual for persons to reach an “aha” moment when this type of work affords them a vast new understanding of themselves in a problematic situation. 

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is also a method of creating a bridge from the concrete left brain event, situation, emotion (often related to a small “t” or large “T” trauma) to a much larger, synthesizing right brain understanding. More Info on EMDR