About Journey Within

Journey Within Counseling is a place to experience healing and growth. It offers a safe, therapeutic environment that is calm, nurturing, unconditionally accepting and compassionate. The focus is on resolving the issues that are causing “dis-ease,” disconnection, and pain in re-establishing life as a joyous and thriving process.

The basis of work at Journey Within is the intrinsic connection of mind, body, emotions and spirit.  This approach is commonly referred to as holistic.  The underlying belief is that . . . no matter how difficult . . . painful . . . “stuck” your experience is, within it, lies an opportunity for creative growth.  Psychological pain is often the psyche's own way of pushing for realization and expansion, much as a seedling or sprout must push its way upward in the growth process.

In this peaceful setting, clinical psychotherapy is offered along with alternative healing techniques and spiritual reawakening. The methods used are a unique integration of basic Jungian ideas and other complimentary models.  The therapies used are facilitated gently, yet create dramatic change by accessing unconscious energies.

Journey Within offers a “sacred space” for attaining healing, wholeness and empowerment. While at first it may seem like the only oasis you have away from the “crazy-making, near schizophrenic world in which we live” . . . slowly you will learn to carry your wholeness and inner peace out into the world, for what you will have achieved is the journeying into the center of your being, the exploration of the depths of who you truly are.  SELF-knowledge, understanding, integration and balance will replace the stress, fear and struggles which drive contemporary life and which come primarily from being cut off or alienated from our deepest essence.

The therapies at Journey Within will gently guide each journeyer to go as far as they want to go, with the understanding that each person has their own inner timing and intuitive knowledge as to what they want to change, develop or actualize in their own lives.